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Thoughts and informers from Westchurch people and some others too. These are unlikely to convey the beliefs of all our people. Please feel free to comment or blog - it really is easy.

11 August 2014


Our blog got spammed. I haven't discovered how yet but I've put some traps in place.

Please treat any links you see on such dodgy looking blogs as dangerous. They my have malicious intentions. I'll remove any spam as quickly as I can.


20 April 2014

Fresh Expressions

Lynne Baab at church camp spoke to a group of us about this exciting new movement in church life that is very outward looking and that we would do well to consider. 

At Spreydon in 2012, Spanky Moore, John Day and others launched the local movement, i.e. FEANZ (Fresh Expressions Aotearoa New Zealand). It is integral to the local Anglican response of Christ's call to make disciples (http://www.anglicanlife.org.nz/Diocesan-Life/Being-a-Disciple-Disciple-Making).

The exciting thing about this is that it would encourage us to look outwards as a servant church; to consider what God is doing locally and is inviting us to engage with.

If you're wanting to know more about it, you could start with these links I reckon:
http://www.freshexpressions.org.uk/about/whatis/success (An overview of some of the principles, intentions and purposes.)
http://www.freshexpressions.org.uk/news/grahamcray-starting (Graham Cray discusses starting a fresh expression of church. He has a number of helpful related videos on YouTube.)

[Steve after prompting from Geoff S]

27 March 2014


I’ve just spotted some sad things and some happy things.

After 24 years and happy memories for a lot of us involved with our youth groups, the Parachute Music Festival has had its last event; history! It had been a thrilling annual pilgrimage for some of us. I’m thankful for the years of significant effort some of our church people have poured into the event – I reckon it has been a great blessing.

Hopefully our involvement in Eastercamp will continue to be strong. Pray it is so. It has been the other regular youth event impacting our church lives over the last few years. If you’d like to get involved call one of ten Perry clan or just do it and sign up on one of the links below. Eastercamp needs your help!

They urgently need volunteers to help with:
Site Pack down (April 22nd-25th)  - Take a day off work and come and help :)
Setup (April 7th-17th) - Take a day off work and come and help :)
Camp cleaners for the toilets & showers
Security Team
Activity volunteers

Don't discount yourself as too old, especially for security & cleaning crew, they would LOVE to have you.
Sign up at http://www.eastercamp.org.nz/information/volunteer. Or email info@eastercamp.org.nz.

After getting a flash new web site ( http://aspects.org.nz/ ) and closing the paper magazine (The Treasury), it’s sad to see that it has not been updated for months. Even the Bible Verse column that Walter contributed too has stopped. Anyone to the rescue?

But it is good to see that, believe it or not, the Brethren site ( http://www.brethren.org.nz/ ) seems to be well used and maintained. Check out the GCiM tab.

That tab led me to a great resource site ( http://www.missionarycare.com/ebook.htm#psych ) that has some useful looking ebooks for “mission and mental health” including one called ‘Psychology for Missionaries’. Probably useful locally too … eh.

[Steve R]

02 March 2014

Where Wendy & Philip went in January

Interserve's On Track programme offers short-term service opportunities that give a taste of what mission to the hard places is like. On Trackers from 18 to 75+ years old serve from one month up to two years. Planning a gap year, OE, elective, sabbatical? Or wondering what to do in retirement?
Contact [www.interserve.org.nz] to arrange your tailormade service opportunity!

A Refuge for the Destitute
Interserve partnered with Christian Medical Fellowship in January to send a team to Mukti Mission in Kedgaon, western India. The team was led by Philip and Wendy.

More in this newsletter here 

Ask Philip or Wendy about their experiences and what Interserve is all about.