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16 July 2010

Interserve eXplore Day 7 August

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Interserve New Zealand is a missionary organisation committed to serving and sharing Christ in some of the hardest places in Asia and the Arab world http://www.interserve.org.nz/

We have an Interserve connection in Ruth Lennox. Once a member of Westchurch, she spoke to us last year, and had been working as a doctor for years in Bangladesh and now works in Darwin.

National Director, Johannes Balzer is running an Interserve Explore day  http://www.interserve.org.nz/EVENTS/UPCOMING+EVENTS.html on 7 August at Spreydon Baptist  for those interested in looking at missions from a wide variety of angles as well as understanding integrated mission.

I have heard that these eXplore days are not to be missed experiences.

Incidentally, Johannes is booked to speak to Westchurch on 15 August.

[Steve Rosie]