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02 May 2010

At The Movies

May 16 Service ...we're...."At The Movies" - to start our 2010 major teaching series on Mark's gospel we kick off with a video viewing of THE WHOLE GOSPEL OF MARK IN 100 MINUTES RECITED & ACTED OUT BY ONE PERSON WITH A FEW PROPS !! Alan has seen this live at the Court theatre a coupla decades ago & it's a tribute to the original oral tradition of the Good News. So - no music, no boring sermons - bring your coffee plungers, muffins, biscuits, pop-corn, movie comfort food, slippers...whatever & we'll watch an ancient tradition in 1980's technology ! (WOW !) We plan to watch it in 3 sections (2 intervals) but we need to start sharp at 10 a.m.  Because we know you need to leave at 11.40 (+ coffee breaks which don't count). This is a great opportunity to take in the whole panolpy ( see www.dictionary.com) of Jesus' life in one...well 3... gulp. When did you last do THAT ! Bring the home baking, Jaffas, jelly babies & be prepared to (be) save(d) !