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31 March 2010

Eastercamp 2010

Westchurch has 43 ... FORTY THREE!!! ... people registered for this years Eastercamp.

Of these, 16 are youth group campers.

The rest (27) are doing significant service as workers to support the operation, fun and fulfilment of God's plans for the whole camp ... we pray.

Please pray with us for a special touch of God's Spirit for all our campers and all we minister to this year.

Click here to go to the Eastercamp 2010 website.

(So that is one big reason Westchurch is not having a 'church service' in the hall this Easter :~)


Visit the Halswell Cross

The Halswell Cross is a dramatic art installation at Halswell Quarry Park. The 5.4 metre cross features a stylized figure of Jesus made mostly in wood and metal.
The Cross – which has the support of the combined churches of the Halswell area – is free for all to attend.
Visitors are invited to spend time in meditation while listening to quiet background music, or to listen to a recorded commentary through headphones.
There is also an opportunity to pin prayers to the base of the Cross. This is the Cross's fifth year of installation.
It will be erected early Good Friday morning (April 2) and remain in place until Easter Monday afternoon. A representation of the garden tomb of Jesus will also be nearby.

28 March 2010

The Halswell Cross

Friday 2 April 2010 to Monday 5 April 2010 @
Halswell Quarry.

Spend some time in meditation and prayer,

Halswell Quarry,
from 10.00am, Good Friday until 4.00pm, Easter Monday.

Please pray for the young folk at Easter Camp,
e.g. that they will:
- know the hope that Jesus won for us,
- the ultimate love of God the Father,
- His extreme grace,
- enabling of the Spirit, and
- that they may be 'born again' and
- enjoy participating with the saints
- in his redemptive work in this world
until His Kindom fully comes and Jesus returns.


27 March 2010